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I help artists capture professional recordings, create mixes that have cohesion, balance, and impact, and make masters that stand up against commercial releases on all speaker systems. People work with me because I understand the musical process from writing to recording to promotion to release (I’m a musician too!). Along the way I offer my 20 years of experience, access to professional studios and equipment, and my network of music industry pros to help you record and release awesome sounding tracks, and further your development as an artist.


If you want to get your next single, EP, or full length album ready for your fans to enjoy, shoot me a message, I’d love to hear about your project.

API 1608 Mixing Console.jpeg



I can help you get your songs produced and recorded so they sound exactly how you envisioned them. 


Send me your raw tracks and I'll mix them into a coherent and well balanced professional recording.


I can create a master of your mixes that translates well onto any listening system and is optimized for uploading to streaming services.

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